Our Partners

If you have decided to be in business for yourself, you have just agreed to take responsibility for the income, expenses, employees, and taxes that come along with it.  Our goal at Your Turn, LLC is to inform, implement, and support small business owners in the very important decisions they will face every day.  We truly believe that Data Drives Decisions, and because of that, we have partnered with the best of the best technologies in the industry.  Take a look at those applications that we have vetted, and recommend due to their affordability, simple implementation, and highly efficient data decision driving results. 

Employee time theft and inaccurate timesheets are two of the largest financial destruction of small businesses who hire employees.  How is that possible?  It’s possible because most small business owners are still relying on handwritten time sheets, easily losing thousands of dollars every year to this archaic method.  Using a solution like TSheets, business owners can ensure that every penny paid was a penny earned by their employees.  This solution does a lot more than just that, but this is keeping it simple.  Start your free trial today! Please call (888) 836-2720 if you need technical support.

The cloud. We have been hearing for a long time that all small businesses should be in the cloud.  At Your Turn, we believe that security is the #1 concern in the industry of technology  Because of this real threat, we recommend that all business owners protect their data and host their data in a safe and secure environment that is monitored by cyber crime experts.  The support at Skyline Cloud Services is amazing.  They can host tax software, desktop accounting software, Microsoft Office and so much more! Please call (646) 759-7468 for technical support. 

Having the ability to store information in the cloud sounds very “yesterday”.  The adoption of electronic storage solutions is becoming much more common.  Natural disasters have proven to small businesses that having file cabinets to store customer information and business data is simply ignorant.  This solution allows small business owners to hold their documents securely and well organized with anytime access from any mobile device.  Let us introduce you to this awesome application. Please call (888) 607-4275 if you need technical support. 

This application will provide small business owners the assurance that their mileage deductions will be accepted by the taxing agencies.  This is something that the IRS is very serious about and may decide that the deductions reported are not allowable if not properly documented.  We always tell clients that this is a very easy application to implement.  Whether you are claiming a mileage deduction or the actual vehicle expenses, you MUST keep a mileage log.  Why not swipe to the left for personal and to the right for business.  Anyone can do that!  Take a test run, we promise you will love it! Please call 

This one is really simple.  If you can take pictures of your favorite things like kids, cars, boats, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, partner…then you can take a picture of a receipt.  The substantiation of the information you report on an income tax return or the receipt that dictates the categorization within your accounting system is IMPORTANT!  You must be prepared at all times to support what you report.  Take a look at an amazing solution that will one day save you from a disaster, literally.  You MUST have receipts!

In just 5 minutes get over 30 of the most critical metrics and a cash flow forecast for your business. It detects anomalies and sends you key alerts about unexpected bills, late payments or if you’re going to run low on cash. Get started easily with no data entry and unleash the power of our CashLearn predictive technology to avoid cash surprises. The only cash flow tool with a companion mobile app for iOS and Android.  CashFlowTool.com securely connects to QuickBooks Online, Desktop and Enterprise and immediately unlocks powerful cash flow insights. 

Avalara is the leading provider of cloud-based sales and use tax management solutions. Avalara’s end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate with hundreds of ERP, accounting, ecommerce, and retail POS systems, and especially QuickBooks, providing accurate sales and use tax calculation, painless exemption certificate management, and effortless filing and remittance. Click here to learn more about our special offer for YourTurn4Success clients!