Our Story & Mission

Your Turn, LLC was organized to support small business clients and guide them into a direction that is critical for them to adopt relevant and current technology in order to efficiently monitor the financial and administration of their business.  We understand that the ecosystem of accounting technology solutions is changing in a way that without these solutions, small businesses are unable to keep up with demand, evaluate results, and make education decisions based on facts and figures.  It is important to our team to exist on the forefront of the technology curve and be prepared to recommend solutions that are affordable and effective to every single business owner we engage with.

Our Vision

We believe that those in the accounting profession are the most trusted advisors.  This requires the Team at Your Turn, LLC to maintain a high level of ethics, provide the best advice based on individual client needs, and provide the most efficient and affordable solutions to our clients.  Due to this responsibility, we see our role in the day to day operations of our clients to change.  With that change our relationship with the client will naturally fall into more of an evaluation, shift, and move forward position rather than looking in the past.  Information that exists two weeks previous will become irrelevant.  Rather, the here and now will become the norm for those who choose to adopt the technology.  We know that our clients depend on us to handle their back end operations while they do what they do best, whatever that may be.  The Team at Your Turn is committed to the future of small business, and to put it very simply, small business will depend on technology like we have never seen before.  We intend to be there every moment that the data needs to be evaluated and decisions need to be made.


Data Drives Decisions.  This MUST be embraced by small business owners around the world.  Without the data, a business owner cannot make educated decisions, monitor results of employee performance, and grow along with their competition in a way that will sustain them.  Those who adopt the technology will win.  Those who choose not to adopt it will struggle to keep up with those who choose to embrace it.  This is not an opinion but rather a fact, and the sooner we help small business owners accept the change, the bigger and better our small business owners will thrive.


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